Richard Joslin

In early 1972 I began my apprenticeship as a junior at the launch of Sotheby's Belgravia, an exciting new auction house in the Sotheby's stable devoted to the best of Victorian and Edwardian art and antiques. I was soon to realise that of all the seemingly inexhaustible supplies of period items consigned for sale, it was the paintings above all which unfailingly excited both my imagination and my future passion.

Over the next decades, including years spent at Sotheby's Coin and Medal Department and as an alumnus of the Sotheby's Works of Art Course and Executive Training Program, I ran two prestigious antique furniture and works of art galleries in London's Mayfair. One of these specialised in fine early English walnut furniture supplying both English and American collectors. The second gallery, flagship of a Lebanese-owned interior design company linked strongly to the United Arab Emirates, provided a wide range of high quality antiques and works of art to Middle Eastern potentates.

Challenging and exciting as it all was, the lure of the art world was to prove stronger, so I decided to widen my horizons and for the next six years managed the galleries of two well-known picture dealers in the heart of St. James's, in London's West End.

1984 saw the start of my own fine art business, which specialised in oils and watercolours by European painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. I travelled worldwide to both source and sell paintings, touring all over Scandinavia, Eastern and Western Europe, especially Germany, as well as the United States and Australia. Numerous private clients, galleries, dealers, museums and auction houses were visited, and many important and lasting friendships and valuable contacts were forged along the way.

In 1998 I joined the prestigious N.R.Omell Gallery in the heart of St.James's, renowned for specialising in high quality nautical paintings, which allowed me a further fourteen years to increase my appreciation of and exposure to this fascinating sphere of collecting.

I have now decided to move along with the times by placing my knowledge, experience and enduring enthusiasm into an online art gallery, and I hope very much that you will enjoy viewing our latest collection.