We have recently experienced an increasing number of enquiries from private clients requesting a discreet sale of their paintings.

Invariably these paintings have been held in private art collections for many years, therefore coming to us with the great benefit of being entirely fresh to market and proving to be of significant interest to our international clientele.

Reasons for sale will range typically from simple home downsizing, where less wall-space presents a real problem with the display of larger works of art, to a change in either a client's finances or their current lifestyle - perhaps a change of interior design, when these paintings are no longer deemed appropriate for their new environment.

A death in the family, when a subsequent inheritor of such paintings has no interest in or desire to retain them, is another reason why we have been approached.

As a last resort only and In the rare event that we would be unable to find a buyer for your art within our extensive network, we would help you by recommending the most appropriate auction house for your paintings to maximise their sale price.

However, It should be borne in mind that the generally substantial costs of selling your art at auction may very well prove less favourable and more time consuming than selling your art privately through us.

Our terms are simple, straightforward and transparent, with no hidden charges.

Terms are agreed between us beforehand, so that both parties know exactly where they stand.

We will personally handle the sale of any paintings for you from start to finish with complete discretion.

Contact us in confidence to discuss how we can help you sell your paintings.